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Any quick and easy ways to fix a 3-iron?

The club head fell off. What is the "glue" used to attach the club head to the club? Or should I just take it in to a golf shop?

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    Some years ago my McGregor 3 iron club head fell off. I took it to a golf shop and they fixed it for $5.

    It's quick, it's easy. Just what you're looking for.

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    How to Install a New Shaft

    Step 2 - Cleaning Out the Hosel

    Once the shaft is removed, the epoxy residue that is left in the hosel must be cleaned out. You can purchase hosel cleaners or use a round file. When the hosel is relatively clean, squeeze some Acetone (or equivalent) into the hosel to remove any grease or similar materials that might be present.

    Step 3 - Preparing Shaft for Installation

    First, follow the manufacturer's recommended tip trimming. Next, measure the depth of the hosel and mark this dimension on the shaft. If the shaft is graphite, be sure not to splinter the graphite during cutting as this will weaken the shaft. I suggest that you place several wraps of masking tape around the area to be cut.

    On a graphite shaft, remove all the paint from the tip - I suggest using a razor knife to do this - and again, be careful not to damage the graphite fibers.

    For a steel shaft, use a heavy-grit sandpaper to take the plating off the tip.

    Step 4 - Installing the Shaft

    Once the hosel and shaft have been prepared you are ready to install the shaft.

    Mix your epoxy and apply it to the inside of the hosel, making sure to coat the entire surface. Then apply the epoxy to the end of the shaft. Slowly push the shaft into the hosel, being sure to turn the shaft at the same time.

    If the shaft requires a ferrule (the small plastic piece that goes over the shaft and butts against the hosel), place a small amount of epoxy on the shaft tip and twist and push the ferrule on until a small part of the shaft shows. Then place the clubhead over the shaft and, holding the head in your hand, tap the end of the shaft on the floor until the shaft is seated at the bottom of the hosel.

    Use a soft rag and some Acetone to clean any epoxy residue from the hosel area. If installing a graphite shaft, line up the shaft graphics.

    Carefully place the shaft against the wall and in about 12 hours the epoxy will be fully cured and you can proceed to the next step.

    Step 5 - Trimming and Adding Grip

    Once the epoxy has completely cured, decide how long the finished club is to be. Cut the shaft and install your grip. To properly choose and install a grip, see my article on grip installation.

    Everything necessary for this process - ferrules, epoxy, etc. - can be purchased from any component company. Good luck and have fun!

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    if it was broken at the hozzle cap the (black thing connecting the shaft to the club head) it is broken for good if not buy a new shaft

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    if the shaft is still fine i think a shop wont charge you much just to glue it back on but i could be wrong.

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