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Why am I the way I am?

What makes us the way we are? Are we born this way, or are we made this way by parents and other influences? I'm in an AP Psychology class...

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    This is the old "nature vs. nurture" debate. The answer to this is, quite simply, "yes." That is, no single factor determines what or who you are, but a combination of ALL factors does. Genetics, upbringing, geographical location, the colour of the sky, the taste of meatballs---it's all important, in its own little way.

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    I just got done taking that class. It is the classic debate of nature v nature. The ongoing debate between which has the strongest influence on personality and other characteristics. They are numerous studies that suggest that it could be either way. However, most modern day psychologists believe it is a combination of the two factors.

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    Part of it is the body and brain you were born with, but a great has to do with your experiences and learning. An analogy is you were given a computer, but during your life you loaded it with programs and data. In my opinion, the learning/experiential component is greater because of the many, many life experiences and learnings we've had. Virtually everything that happens to us changes us. At this point we are the sum total of our perceptions, memories, knowledge, abilities, mental and physical skills, behavior patterns, values, attitudes, needs, desires, feelings, thoughts, imaginings...it's a lot going on up there!

    Source(s): 20 years studying the research of cognitive neuroscience and its application to learning and effective behavior.
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    Why you are the way you are? Only you can answer this question because I don't know a thing about you. However, I can hypothetically tell you why you/most people are the way you/they are.

    Here are some of the possibilities:


    Social environment

    Friends' influence

    Your own experience/learning

    Your choice

    I can tell you why I am the way I am -

    My faith

    My upbringings

    My family's influence

    My choice

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    We are definitely the product of our parents. We are simply not born certain ways, like with mental health issues, and the such.

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    All the above...

    You are born with a certain ability to interpert your environment and deal with it in a certain way.

    Then, as enviromental situations occur, you interpret and deal with them as you were "pre-programmed" to do.

    Also...It is possible to change those abilities but that's where people have the most trouble.

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    Has a lot to do with your cultural surroundings. Yea, some of it is chemical in our genes, but a lot of it has to do with the way our parents raised us and the life we grew up with.

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    Yes we are born that way.

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    We are influenced by all around us

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    i think it's both. genetics and how you are brought up has a lot of effect on how you are. ever heard the phrase you'll end up like your parents? it's true.

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