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girl Question?

I hate pads they feel like Diapers. I started using Tampons and like them A LOT more.

My questions:

1.I use Tampax pearl lite.....should I get scented or unscented?

2.Is there a pad that is thin and does look like you wearing one?

3.Can you bath with a tampon in? or shower?

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    Tampax pearl is my hero. That box comes with a cape!!!

    1. Get whatever you're comfortable with. I find the scented to be useless. If you are worried about staying fresh, get wipes. If you're clean, you're not going to smell.

    2. I use the ultra-thin pads by Always, they don't look like you are wearing a pad at ALL and they are super-absorbant. I have a heavy flow, so I usually wear the overnighters, they're really long though, and you can get regular ones that are super thin. Always makes very invisible-in-your-underwear-yet-super-absorbant pads.

    3. You CAN take a bath with a tampon in, but that would be pointless since it would absorb water and become useless. Shower wise, who cares? Take it out! Bathe! Then when you're out, dry off, use toilet paper to clean yourself and put a new one in. If you don't feel comfortable, then yeah, shower with it in.

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    I would suggest the unscented tampons because even though they smell pretty, they could be more irritating to some girls. As for question two, I think you mean "Is there a pad that is thin and DOESN'T look like you're wearing one?" Yes. If you're looking for pantyliner, any pantyliner is invisible, but some ultra-invisible ones are: Always Pantyliners, and Carefree to go. Also, yes, you can take a bath or shower with a tampon in, but it's better to let everything "go free". When taking a bath, you should probably wear a tampon (and make sure your bathtub is clean) for obvious reasons (you would be bathing in your own you know what).

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    As far as scented vs. unscented, I would go with unscented unless you have an odor with your periods.

    Yes, there are plenty of thin pads/panty liners.

    You can bath, swim, and shower with a tampon in.

    Hope this helps!

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    1. uncented is you best bet becuase scented can contain chemichals that cause infections

    2. no there are thin pads but those are for days when you flow is light

    3. yes, becuase they are worn inside the body

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    1 scented

    2 yes

    3 i am not sure

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