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Should you believe when people say I saw a ghost?

Should you believe them like if someone tells you somthing and they say my mom told me should you believe them. Im 13 years old and last year someone said if you have have dream that you died then you realy die and they say that their mom told them should you believe them cuz I realy dont I just act like it lol. so should you believe them or not

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    No, please do not believe this.

    Ghosts do not exist. God wouldn't allow people's spirits to just "wander around" for years and years. When we die we go straight to God.

    I suggest you talk to your pastor or a reliable teacher or your parents about this matter. God bless!

  • 1 decade ago b/c anyone that uses the term "ghost" doesn't know. If you should happen to have a dream that you die then just focus on how you die....maybe you can prevent it.

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