Anti-Gay Therapy?

Grey's Anatomy star Isaiah Washington has entered a residential treatment facility in an effort to quell the controversy surrounding his anti-gay remarks - and save his job. He was told by ABC to enter the program to examine why he would say such words.

Anti-Gay therapy? Is it just me or is this just plain silly? Trust me when I say that I'm against "Hate" and "Prejudice" of all forms, but to be ordered by your employer to attend medical treatment for saying a comment is a bit overkill.

Should this sort of action be taken everytime a hateful comment is made about the President? How about when an Atheist makes a derogatory remark about God?

Before anyone says it...No I am not a Bigot. I respect all of God's children. The question...Do you think this therapy is appropriate? If you do then should it be applied to everyone who makes a Hateful comment?

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    I think it's a lame attempt by ABC to cover their butts and act like they care about an employee making anti-gay remarks. It's all an act, and a poor one at that.

    It's all about the PR.

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    I'm a civil rights trainer for the government and my job is basically letting people know what is proper/improper in the work place. It never ceases to amaze me what people think is acceptable or not acceptable. No workplace should tolerate hate speech of any kind, and the law specifically protects us as regards our gender, race, religion, disability, status as a parent, sexual preference, protected genetic information, and retaliation status. When someone makes a remark like Mr. Washington did, an employer must deal with the issue in some way or else they give off the appearance that they don't care and are not doing anything. What we first do is offer training or consulting to the individual, but ABC has gone this other route, which will let their employees and the public know that they won't turn a blind eye to predjudice. This is usually to protect the employer from lawsuits and to keep retaliation out of the work environment.

    Also, I think we need to remember that the Hollywood/Entertainment world is a bit more liberal than the American norm. In the circles that ABC is in with actors, writers, and directors, in order to keep people from jumping ship, they may have to take this kind of action. I'm sure if the janitor at ABC made these remarks, he/she would have been told to not say it again or be fired. and an investment in "Anti-gay Therapy" for said janitor would not be made.

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    I think they are trying to take an approach similar to women's sensitivity classes taken by men who have said or done derogatory comments to their female co-workers. And on top of that, ABC is a major, people (viewers)-funded company. So if it leaked out that a star was homophobic or regularly made offensive comments to someone, ratings MIGHT drop. maybe......


    I can see how in this case some kind of sensitivity training would be in order, but I disagree with the need for medical treatment. Since hate crimes against homosexuals are in abundance and it is a current global issue, then that would make it a pertinent problem to address with Washington.

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    No, I think that you got it right. These new forms of 'awareness trainings' are just as much an infringement upon our rights as police brutality. But because there is no violence, people don't see it that way.

    If a system can order you to attend a training that is counter to your point of view, then they can do that to any of us. What I call 'Popular Thought' produced the reaction to Galileo, the Inquisitions ( as in that they were excused as being for the good of the people by the general public ) , and many other historical atrocities.

    I would not rage against Gays. It would be wrong for me. I would not do it, it's not what I would plan to do. But if someone wants to carry that kind of thought; that they were railing against Gays for speaking their mind, then they ought to be able to do it without being force to do anything. And in saying that, I wouldn't want anything to do with them, that's MY right. ( As I wonder if what Mr. Washington said could have resembled what slavers said about Blacks back in the day) .

    As far as God goes I rejoice that I am a part of God's Kingdom when I am railed against for being a Christian. It's still a shocking thing sometimes, but it is okay, our Lord said that it would be this way. He ALWAYS speaks the truth. ( :

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    As much as I dislike people making hateful remarks and/or slurs against a particular type of people, I can't help but wonder if political correctness has gone too far. The First Amendment gives people the right to say what they want, even if the words offend me. I am uncomfortable with the concept of having the First Amendment tossed aside just to keep from having our feelings hurt. I'd rather someone honestly say what they think, even if it makes my blood boil, than to hide their true feelings behind a public mask. At least that way, I'll know who my true friends are.

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    I would think it should be the same as any other career. Talk to him the first time. If it happens again, intervene and try to get him some help. If it continues to happen, fire him.

    When you're in the public eye, different rules apply. ABC needs to take measures against it so that the station doesn't get racial backlash.

  • 6 years ago

    Saying or not saying a few words is a simple choice. Just tell him to apologize and not do it again, or just fire him. There's no point in wasting time and money on therapy.

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    i've got faith that variety of stuff is a lie, i do no longer think you could bypass a pentecostal church and turn "immediately" i've got faith you're born gay no you could actually turn you gay or immediately you're who you're and in the journey that your buddy keeps telling himself that he's straight away understanding that deep down he's gay the only factor that would come out of that's a gaggle of secrets and techniques and lies or maybe worse him hurting himself. I even have faith that's why some people have faith which you will elect your sexuality because of the fact people who sit down there and say they are gay then turn around and say they are are immediately as quickly as they bypass to a pentecostal church and say they from the way of the Lord and now they are immediately. i think of people must be satisfied for who they are particular i comprehend it is not ordinary to come again out the closet yet do no longer sit down there and misinform people and greater importantly to your self approximately your sexuality!!

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    It is just damage control for a multi-billion-dollar entertainment company. Nothing more; nothing less. If some schmoe on the street says that he hates the president or God he is not breaking any laws and there isn't anyone with deep pockets linked to him and worried about financial repercussions.

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    I think such therapy is a waste of resources. A slur is far different from an act of violence. I hate homophobes, but there's a difference between being dangerous versus using words.

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