Please help me with my homework!!?

Does anyone know the way of saying hello and goodbye in Guatamala and in other countries?

Just give me like 3,4 several countries and Guatamale

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    The official language of Guatemala is Spanish, so hello is 'hola' and goodbye is 'adios'.

    In French hello is 'bonjour' and goodbye is 'au revoir'.

    In German hello is 'guten tag' and goodbye is 'auf wiedersehen'.

    In Italy hello is 'buon giorno' and goodbye is 'arrivederci'.

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    hope you will find my list useful. Please feel free to correct me if I get any wrong. we will start with English of course!!

    1. Hello, Goodbye - English

    2. Daile', kachifo - Ukwani, Nigeria

    4. Hola, Adios - Spanish

    5. Hej/Halla, adjo/Hej da - Swedish

    6. Hallo, Adieu/totziens - Dutch

    8. Ciao, Arrivederci - Italian

    10. Marhaban / Ahlan, Ma'salam - Arabic

    11. Hallo, Auf wiedensehen - German

    12. Priviet, Do svidaniia - Russian

    13. Zivijo, Nasvidanga - Slovenia

    14. Buna ziua, Larevedere / Ciao - Romania

    15. Oi , Ate Logo / Tchau - Portuguese

    17. Connichiwa, Sayonara - Japan

    34. Godday, Farvel - Danish

    47. Do bar den, Chao - Bulgaria

    48. Dobry Ben, Cao - Slovac

    50. Salve, Vale - Latin

    58. Tzu ta' / Tzu na', Quin 'ec / Quin 'e na- Guatamala

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    Only Spanish - Adios= goodbye

    Hola= hello

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    Hola and Adios Amigos

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Guatamale(I think they speak spanish) - Hola & Odios

    French - Bonjour & Salut

    German - Hallo & Auf Wiedersehen

    Italian - ciao & arrivederci

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    i don't know about Guatamala but if you go here there's ways to say it in other languages. hope it helps =]

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    Isn't it just, Hola and Adios?

    Is that what you're talking about?

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    well if u go on u cud type in hello and good bye and translate it and it might work..well hola and adios are in spanish, aloha and aloha are in hawaiian, hello in german is hallo but idk wut bye is in german..u cud look it up tho as i said b4 =] hope i helped =] byee=]

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    girl your S.O.L ( **** out of luck)

    sorry :(

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