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Friends or Not?

what do u do when u think a friend says things bout u and u barley know them and they tell this boy to stay away from u and he was one of your friends

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    With friends like that, who needs enemies?

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    I don't think a friend is someone that says anything bad about you behind your back that they can't say to your face. Or at all. Friends are suppose to support you and care about you, and your feelings. I dont think a friend would do something like that to someone that was a true friend.

    I would really question their motives. And I would ask them why they did it. Are you even sure they did do that? Because if it's second hand information, I would ask them first if they did even say it. Because if they didn't and you confront them saying they did...then you are the bad friend.

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    It all depends on whos telling you the story about the friend that is supposedly talking about you. Get the facts first.

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    that is not a friend for sure cause who would talk behind your back and try to take a place of another friend. that is not a friend

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  • I think they are not a friend. I think you need to keep your distance - be pleasant but dont' confide in them for sure. They're bad news.

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    I say you need new friends.

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    I say this person is afraid and jealous of you ,,,don't worry about it you are the better one

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  • Then there not your friend, I had that experience.

    I will be your friend.

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    real friends don't do that .

    if you want talk to your friend about it or ignore completely.

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    if you barely know them, they aren't really your friends to begin with..they are called acquaintances.

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