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my height am i still growing, im 15 years old?

I am a boy! I weigh 135pounds and im 6 and a half feet.. im pretty skinny.. and im 15 and a half years old! I dun wanna grow more... My mom is 5'4 and my dad is 5'8! ... And is it true u wont make a good couple with someone who is less than 5'7 if im 6 and a hlf feet almost 6'1!

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    You sound like me & my sons 18 & 21 years old. I hit my growth spurt when I was in the 8th grade. I went to 6' by end of freshman Sophomore year. Somewhere between 16 & 23 I stopped @ 6'2". My oldest hit his in the 8th too. Did the same thing. almost 22 hes @ 6'1". My baby hit his in the 7th grade(his B/D is late enough that that he had 2 start school the following yr ) No that he's 18 he's standing 6'2".

    Your going to stop all of a sudden or slow down (so much that U won't know that U) stopped growing. It will just hit U in a month or 2 U will realized U stoped. U will start to fill out. You sound like a mirrow to us. That's why I said what I did when I started this answer was for the background and why I know how U feel.

    Just relax Ur goin to be fine. When girls becom women & ladies, U'll find out that they like tall men. Girls hit therir growh spurt it seemed like the 4th grade to me. That's why were always playin catch up to them & they know it. My P's were about Ur's height too. One day Ur goin to look back @ this & laugh.

    I hope this set Ur mind @ ease.

    Source(s): Went trough it.
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    i finished transforming into because i became 17 (i understand this as I now could have a pair of denims for greater advantageous than a year now and nonetheless greater healthful; back while i became 15 i wanted a sparkling pair each 3 months). My bro continues to be transforming into at 18 now. so which you do have a huge gamble of transforming into up even added.

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    your still growing I'm afraid i think its 18 - 21 you stop growing

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