My boyfriend stares at my friends boobs all the time. I'm a small A so i'm very insecure and..................

he knows this and still has the nerve to stare. he stares at other girls with cleavage all the time in front of me. Now of course guys look at other girls all the time but why must he do this in front of me?! Doesn't he realize how much it is hurting me inside. It makes me feel like i'm nothing. I have a pretty face but i guess thats not enough to keep a guy. It lowers my self esteem to see him stare at my friends cleavage! anyone else have this problem? ladies how do u react? should i dump his as$ cuz he makes me feel like i'm nothing sometimes....

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you think your not being treated right then don't stay in a relationship were your not happy, there are so many flat chested women who are beautiful, and no one is looking at there chest. you will want some one who will love you for your true self, not for a pair of false you no whats. or love you just because you have big ones.

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