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Should this couple give their son a bday gift?

The son of a friend is a good boy, but 1 year ago he messed up and ended up getting a harsh punishment, too harsh in his opinion. He changed and is now a boy their parents are really proud of. Unfortunately, he didnt get over and got very resentful. Since than, he's been respectful w/ his parents but distant, avoids them, shows very clearly hos resentment. When he needs advice, he gets to another adult, me, for example, who tried but couldn't get him to make up w/ his parents. He's turning 15 in some days and, if he wasn't resentful, they'd sure give him a lap top. But in virtue of his resentful behavior, his dad, who's kinda upset, doesn't want to. But his mom strongly supports they should give him this gift, cause despite his resentment his a great boy, they are proud of him and deserves the lap top. She says if they dont give him his gift this will seem a revenge and will make things even worse. I agree completely w/ her.

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    Yes, they shuold.

    Dad is going on emotions. He is hurt and letting that temper his love for the son.

    I think the real question is how to convince the father.

    Well, just tell him to have faith.

    This is an act of love.

    You can always say,"Look, we are proud of you son, We love you and we have always wanted the best for you."

    If the son is truly resentful, he won't touch the laptop.

    I doubt that this will happen.

    He is just moody and wants soneone to blame and he will grow up in time.

    I am glad that he has turned himself around.

    Now, I am not saying that the parents should cator or baby him to make him act kindly toward them.

    They should not.

    But, this is something that they were going to do or would have done, anyway.

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    NEVER give a child a gift worth that much money. Give him clothes or a $25 gift certificate. The parents are the only ones who should spend hundreds of dollars on a gift for their child.

    It's also none of your business regarding the level of punishment.

    When the boy gets older - he'll look back on his parents decision and know they did the right thing. His resentment will go away and he'll be more appreciative in the future.

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    Yes they should give it to him if he isnt a bad kid and is just kinda resenting his parents and being a bit distant but respectfull then that is more then i can say for alot of kids every child goes through that teenage stage where they just dont want to be around there parents but alot of those kids also scream yell and even hit there parents which he is not he just sounds like a normal teen and if his grades are good and he deseserves it then he should get his lap top they shouldnt play into his game and say well unless you spend more time with us we wont give you nice things

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    If he has given reason to be proud of him, then yes, of course! A child of that age is very moody as it is, and will need some TLC to get his relationship back with his parents. Am I saying buy his love? NO! But if they would buy this gift for him if he werent resentful, then of course. He is respecting his parents and being a good kid, he is just being a teen, he will get over it. Dont hold it against him or they may ruin any type of relationship with them later in life!

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    Of course they should give it to him. If he's straightened up he does deserve it. All teenagers are resentful to their parents. In many different ways. The parents should be happy he has other trusted adults to turn to (like you) and he does that.

    Many kids turn to other kids. And, others turn to violance. Their chid has handled his resentment in a very responsible way. They should let him know how proud they are of him. And, how far he's come. They should show that in a very physical way. Not just in things, but in their every day life.

    If his dad doesn't straighten up and show that to his son...very soon his son will go back to his old ways.

    Source(s): I was also one of those kids...I got in a lot of trouble...but would have stopped it all had my parents been open with me. And, not punished me every day for past mistakes. Eventually I left home only to get in more trouble...I could have been in prison for a very long long time...
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    If he's a good kid then i think that he should get the laptop. When his parents grounded him i'm pretty sure they said he had to be good i dont think they said he couldnt be resentful.

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    i think they should do it.

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