Where can I find recipies online for the week?

Hi - I am looking to make a binder of recipes - simple ones - for everyday meals - that way i can plan ahead and make sure i have everything i need at the beginning of the week....

any good website you know of would be great!


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    www.rachaelray.com all her recipies are ready in 30 mins i love them because i can cook diner and dont hav to worry about my kids starting to scrame while i m cooking. thay are also really good. i hope this helps you can also buy her cook books

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    I am so surprised that no one has mentioned recipezaar.com.This is THE best place for tried and true recipes. Most are very easy with basic ingredients. The best part is the Review section. It's located on the right hand side of the home page. I t changes daily. That's where people give positive/negative comments about specific recipes from that site that they have tried. Just click on REVIEW and see which ones sound yummy and got good reviews.

    The site also has menus already planned out.

    Great, great site, but rather addictive HA

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    Better homes and gardens www.bhg.com features a newsletter with the recipe of the day. Sign up and start receiving it. www.allrecipes.com also features good recipes. Most manufacturers like tyson, kraft and such feature recipes that you can use as well, I prefere the first two options because BHG checks tests them in their kitchens first to ensure the recipe is right, unlike Martha Stewart's which always seem to lack a crucial step or an ingredient. Try the crockpot or slow cooker section which is awesome.

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    Simple Recipes and Inexpensive Ingredients.

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    Here are my favorites:





    Foodfit has low-fat meals, but also plain old healthy recipes.

    Allrecipes has all sorts of things, pretty much anything you are looking for you can find, plus they have reviews. Bhg recipes are sometimes less practical, but it is a good source as well. Cooks is similar to allrecipes, a good source for a wide range.

    Have fun!

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    I subscribed to a site that sends me a 7 day weekly planner of meals with the meals and ideas included! It's down below! ENJOY!

    Source(s): Culinary Student www.Arcamax.com
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    I use this website daily. I really like Rachel Ray recipes, they are quick and easy. Good Luck

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    try www.foodnetwork.com, they have great recipes (which they should, they are the FOOD network...), and rachael ray's magazine "everyday with rachael ray" has great recipes AND it has a section with a grocery list for the week including recipes to use the items on the list. it is perfect!!!

    Source(s): i subscribe to everyday with rachael ray magazine. :-)
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    I like allrecipes.com sign up with them and they will send you a recipe every day as well as other newsletters with menus and such.

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    e.diets is best, to center all meals on your lifestyle. It costs a bit, but you don't have to stay with them too long. They have chat rooms, guest speakers...really worth it.

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