Alternative or classic rock song for 1st dance?

My groom and I want a unique song to dance to for our first dance and we're both big fans of alternative (mostly pre-2000) and classic rock. Do you know of any good songs for our first dance at the reception?


I love In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel but my sister used that at her wedding a couple of years ago! And I loved Your Song by Elton John until I saw Moulin Rouge and it totally ruined it for me.

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    I don't wanna miss a thing (Aerosmith) was played at my best friend's sisters wedding as their first song. They didn't play anything but alternative and it was completly them! We had so much fun (and everyone, even the older people really enjoyed it), but the best thing was how happy the bride and groom were! It's your day, even if it's not a slow song as long as it makes you happy IT'S YOUR DAY!

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    "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel (80s alternative)


    "Your Song" by Elton John (a Classic Rock song)

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    I Think that the song "I Like Dreaming" by Kenny Nolan is a very good dance/reception song for newly weds . Try it from Limewire or other download site and listen to the lyrics and enjoy.

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    Certainly not alternative or classic rock, but listen to "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong.

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    We used "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel. Bit 80's fans and it was wonderful! Good Luck.

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    This one is a old old classic - that I was going to have at my wedding. It is by Johnny Mathis (year I don't know) "The Twelveth of Never" and you can go hear to listen to it

    Also, another favorite for weddings is "Wind Beneath My Wings" sung by Better Middler

    Good Luck on Your Life Together!

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    Not sure about first dance, but here is a site to go to for a song for the dance with your dad go to this site and download "Song for The Parents of The Bride" it's free!

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    Oceans by Pearl Jam

    Hold on to the thread

    The currents will shift

    Glide me towards...

    You know something's left

    And we're all allowed

    To dream of the next

    Oh, ohh the next, time we touch...

    Oooh... (4x)

    You don't have to stray

    Tho oceans away

    Waves roll in my thoughts

    Hold tight the ring...

    The sea will rise...

    Please stand by the shore...

    Oh, oh, oh, I will be...

    I will be there once more...

    Oooh... (4x)

    Uh huh, oh yeah... (2x)

    Very pretty song.

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    Existentialism on Prom Night by Straylight Run.

    It will be perfect!!!!

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    ill be by edwin mccain ....iris by goo dolls...Thank you for loving me by bon jovi...slow rock alternative rock thats kinda cool..u might like it..try to listen the song

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