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Cradle Cap?

Any suggestions for removing cadle cap - which won't cause a reaction for my daughter who has eczema (10 months old)

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    To get rid of it wet her hair with lotion or baby oil and comb through. It will get a little red, but it's not hurting her.

    To prevent it put baby oil on her scalp and let it set for about five minutes before washing it. That way it keeps her scalp from drying out, but her hair doesn't look greasy. I can't stand it when people put the oil on clean hair-it just looks dirty. My son is four months on sat. and he's never had a bit of CC, and I've always just put the oil on first then washed it!

    HTH, GL!

    Source(s): Mom of a four month old.
  • Diagnosis and treatment

    Cradle cap is usually easily spotted by its appearance, but a doctor can quickly confirm the diagnosis. In mild cases no particular treatment is necessary and the condition will settle with time. Daily shampooing with a mild shampoo, and gentle massaging with fingers or a soft brush may loosen the scales but don't pick at the skin. Emollient creams (from the pharmacy) may also help.

    In more severe cases your doctor may suggest an ointment containing sulphur and salicylic acid, which is applied to the scalp for several hours each day and then washed off. If large areas of the skin are affected a mild steroid cream may be used. In older children, over-the-counter 'dandruff' or medicated shampoos may reduce flaking and dryness.

    Further help

    In most cases the condition settles with time. Occasionally there are recurrences or flare-ups. There's a risk of a secondary bacterial infection if the skin becomes very inflamed, broken or scratched.

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    I would highly suggest Emu oil for both the eczema and the cradlecap.

    It works wonders!!!!

    Jurassic secret is a brand you can get online... just get the 6 oz bottle.. it will last for a long tme, and you can use on wrinkes under eyes, fingernails etc.

    Anyway, saturate the head, and let it soak, and gently scrape off with a comb. In time it will solve the problem permanently.

    Using adult shampoos have chemicals that absorb into the babies skin to blood stream. That isnt good.

    Infact several of the chemicals in most shampoos have been proven to be bad for adults too.

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    carry on with soaking the scalp in infant oil for 20 minutes earlier the bathtub. bathtub as widespread and wash out the newborn oil with infant shampoo. The cradle cap will brush spectacular out afterwards. truly undesirable cradle cap ought to take 2 or 3 applications. infant's skin is basically too soft for the tough chemical compounds in Selsun Blue, plus in case you got into their eyes you need to reason lasting harm or on the least have an truly indignant grumpy infant for some days with sore eyes.

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    The only way I know of is to use baby oil, and then comb it out. But it isn't hurting anything by being there... and why mess with it if it will irritate your daughter's eczema? if it looks really bad, you can always put on a cute hat!

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    Use Gentle Naturals Product..It will say Cradle Cap Treatment..It works GREAT!!! I will say you only have to use it like 2/3 time and the cradle cap will be gone..I LOVE it..You can get it at Target ..etc.

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    after her bath.... dry her little head/hair.... then put some JOHNSON&JOHNSONS baby oil (just abit) all-over her scalp. Let it stay on for the day or for overnight..... then get a fine comb & comb through her hair..... the comb will gently comb away the loose whatever you want to call it off. Repeat until the cradle cap is gone.

    Source(s): My daughter had cradle cap, & this procedure worked like a charm. Good Luck!
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    the best way to get rid of cradle cap is soak her head with warm water and get a lice comb and gently comb through it. I know it sounds weird but it works i have 2 kids.

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    When my daughter started to develop cradle cap, I started washing her hair in Pantene. Problem solved.

    Good luck!

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    As mentioned above, applying baby oil to her head, then gently combing her scalp workes really well. I do it just about every other day with my son. I believe the eucerine lotion company makes a lotion especially for babies with eczema...

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