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Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?

For six years, President Bush and his rubber-stamp Congress had an opportunity to pass the American people's agenda with little partisan obstruction. But in that time, the only agenda we saw from the White House served the narrow interests of their radical right-wing Republican base.

Now the tables are turned. In 2006 an overwhelming majority of Americans voted for change -- and the new Democratic Congress is already hard at work on that change.


No where in my statement do I call the republican controlled congress corrupt. But they were so thanks for pointing that out.

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    Agree, because it's true!

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    You may think so but the USA system is very slow when it comes to change. The president sent the troops knowing well that 65% of the American ppl are against it . He got all the money he needs for the war who can stop him and soon he will go to war with Iran he will and no one will stop him.

  • 1 decade ago an extent.

    republicans lost control of congress because of their connection to bush. also, congressional corruption was a major monkey on their back.

    the democrats offered to take the country a new direction from, as you call it, a rubber stamp and corrupt republican congress.

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    Yes I do agree with it. Wholeheartedly. I'm one of those Americans who want change. I hope the hell this gives it to us. Today's Republican party ISN'T the same Republican party of the past. They don't have the same values my parents and grandparents taught me to hold dear. They USED to, but not now. They used to be the ones with the sane ideas. But these last decades have changed the party to the point it's not even recognizable any more. They've gone SO FAR to the right they've actually fallen off the edge!

    My fondest wish is for an impartial, non-Parisian government.

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    Geez - This is wrong on so many levels.

    A great deal has been done during the past 6 years and not all for the good of Republicans.

    Secondly, the change that people wanted was some sort of way to slowly but surely get our soldiers home from Iraq and Afghanistan. No one I know wanted all of the Bush administration's legislation repealed EXCEPT hard-line liberals and Democrat party loyalists.

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    Disagree. All 2-term presidents in our history have dealt with the Sixth Year Itch.

    And I don't see how a good economy, with record-high stock prices, extremely low unemployment and low inflation rates translates to Bush serving "the narrow interests of [his] radical right-wing Republican base".

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    Pretty much right on. but the Agenda didn't have much in it really.

    I would disagree with one piece tho-- the Tax cuts were not necessarily a radical right-wing thing. Everybody got a cut in taxes on that one. But at the same time, they didn't reign in any spending.

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    I agree completely. A lot of talk, very little action to benefit the majority of Americans. It once again proved to me they are the party of the wealthy. Also the amount of corruption and lack of morals makes me cringe when I hear they are the protectors of the moral fiber of America. Do as I say, not as I do.

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    Agree. The right is radical with their off the wall economic policies, faith based nonsense, interventionist "war" on muslims, and anyone who is different or looks to actually improve the average americans life.

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    I agree.

    The 6 point plan of the Democratic Party agenda that the House has passed is supported overwhelmingly by the American people.

    Unfortunately, the Republicans oppose the will of the people.

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    If you think any one group of people that conforms to a particular political label have all the answers, then you need to get a clue.

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