is it good that beckam is coming to los angeles?

do you think beckam is coming to the city of angels to sell or to play

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    i think it's to sell. I live in los angeles and around here, we dont give a crap about soccer (futbol). Beckam is not even a great player. I mean he's not good anymore. He is not Pele. He's here because of the opportunity to be on tv or the entertainment business. And besides, part of his decision lies on his wife Posh spice girl. Beckam is a scam. I am not a soccer fan like 90% of los angeles people here and having him here won't changed anything. He is smart to take the money but if people think he'll turn this sports around down here, they are mistaken.

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    he is coming for both reasons. he will play a very different game here because MLS has yet to reach the level of other top nations in soccer. he will sell because that is where most of the money for his contract is coming from. this is a good deal for all involved. MLS gets star power and sooner or later the league will realize that they need to allow the clubs to do their own thing. with RSL, Chivas and Red Bull now owned by major corporations, it is only time before the league follows suit and runs like all other leagues in the world

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    Nope, Beckham sucks and the only reason he is coming to the United States is to become an actor. He truly is a overrated soccer player and uses his good looks/charm to get whatever he wants. I'm glad Real Madrid is getting rid of him. I think Beckham should go back to England and play for his only club he liked Manchester United. Soccer in the U.S. will never be popular no matter who they bring.

  • 1 decade ago

    It means he knows his value, and he's playing the cards right now perfectly.

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    Maybe you could say both?

    I think it's a good idea. That's just me though...

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    yer and good news for u americas claudio reyna former us captain went to N.Y. RED BULLS

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    How many times do we have to discuss this?


  • no.

    the only thing he will sell is his clothing line.

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    Any publicity is good publicity

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