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Is Commercialization of Religion Going Too Far?

Why am I here today? Well I start to enjoy a snack and what do I see? A Christian bible verse on the back of my cheese puffs! What are your opinions on commercialization of religions? I'm an avid atheist and I feel very disrespected having religious TV commercials constantly being shoved down my throat. Living in the bible belt and having to put up with nonsense bumper stickers is bad enough now my food is being taken over. What do you think? I want to live a peaceful life free from religious proganda but I find that to be quite hard. There's a clash between my freedom from religion and others freedom of religious expressions.


Hmm.. a few typos since I was in a hurry.

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    Great question. I would suggest that you might want to consider that commercialization may actually be the best thing that can happen. The more commercial the religion the weaker the foundation upon which it stands. It is my belief that there is a possibily that the dilution of higher arguments for increasing influence in our political system by adherents would be an excellent opportunity for a declared atheist to take office, any office.

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    Hi! I live in the bible belt too and I'm an Atheist as well. :D . . . (I know it's tough)

    I don't thing that the commercialization of religion is anything new. It's probably been going on since religion was invented. You have a product to sell and you are advertising. That hasn't changed.

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    Hmm salvation through cheese puffs.. I'd say that smacks of desperation. The same desperation I see when I drive by churches here in southern new england and see billboards and signs practically begging people to come through their doors.

    I'm agnostic, when I come across that I ignore it because if they feel weak enough they need to advertise through food let them. They only make themselves look more foolish that way.

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    We actually don't care about your typos as much as we do about the whining. In the good ole USA we Christians are making it our new business to build and buy businesses so that you will see more and more of those little ads. Ever ate at a Chick-Fil-A? Guess what, we have that too. So you can either get up and come to church or we're going to bring the church to you with ads and so forth.

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    yeehaw I love the Bible Belt and all the openmindedness you find there!

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    they're trying to buy people off. it's like preaching through material goods and ad campaigns.

    Source(s): those must of been some awkward tasting cheese puffs.
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    You have turned atheism into a religion of you are that offended over something so trivial.

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    Yes. I don't pay attention to them. Read a book instead.

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