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which league has the best all-star game?

NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, MLS? I think the MLS has the best one its also the most watched one.

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    MLS-b/c they bring in World Class teams to compete against the All-Stars so its actually interesting. The rest of the games are boring after the first 10 mintutes b/c the players don't want to play or just slack off

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    The NBA. The best players take a break in mid-season to put on an amazing show of dazzling plays.

    The NFL's Pro Bowl has a bunch of players trying to not get hurt, and MLB's all-star game is hurt by the need to get every player in the game.

    Very few Americans watch NHL and MLS compared to the Big Three.

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    I think that is terrible and the reasoning is poor. It excludes kids that aren't good enough to make it? Have the people making the decision considered that for some kids the only place they shine is on an athletic field? There are boys who struggle in school and feel "exluded" every day of the school year because they don't do as well as other children and this is the only time they feel confident and successful. As those kids get older, many will choose to stay in school just so they can play sports.They will study to keep their grades up so they can be on a team. If you have contact with the people who've made this decision I hope you'll point this out to them. Perhaps they should cancel all sports in that town because not all kids can play every sport. Even when leagues allow all kids to play there are always children who miss out because of parent works schedules and family commitments. It's sad because it hurts ALL the kids and doesn't help any of them.

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    I like the NBA and NHL All-Star Games because they have all the separate competitions, in addition to the actual game.

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    nba defintely there all star game is really exciting all the crazy dunks and passes it is a lovely sight for the eyes... plus they have great pre allstar game festivities such as the dunk contest and the three point shootout.... so i have to go with the NBA

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    no doubt its the NBA ..especially this years all star game is gonna be held in VEGAS!!

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