My ex contacted me the other day, and my husband hates him?

My ex wants to be friends we dated about 10years ago and I think my husband will throw a fit if he finds out I am talking to him. We both have kids now and it is strictly platonic. My husband is so jealous but I think we can all be friends now. Should I catch up with him or avoid the situation all together

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    Speaking as a man with kids and many ex's,,,,,,,NO man wants to rekindle a "FRIENDSHIP". Yes, you as a woman can have a very platonic relationship with a man. BUT, it will only be that way if it starts out that way. A man generally does not want to "talk" to a woman as a friend if he was ever more than that with her. Many men will say this is a lot of hogwash, but think about it. If your husband thought any different, he wouldn't care what you did with this guy. That's not the case because he knows whatwhat your ex is thinking.

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    Why did your ex contact you now? Sorry, but I'm suspicious of any man who wants to "just be friends" with a woman with whom he has had sex. Being past lovers changes the weight of the "friendship," and maybe you should consider that guys know other guys and your husband's jealousy may be a gut reaction/intuition that is right on the mark.

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    Is your husband always jealous or is there something specific about this ex that angers him?

    If he's always jealous, be careful, and maybe try to get some couples counciling or something.

    If there is something specific, then there is no reason to risk your marriage over the old flame. It would be disrespectful to your husband.

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    i have a ex bf he and i stayed friends after we broke up. He wanted to take me to lunch with him and a co worker of his "who is a girl." I know his intentions were only as a friend. We are good friends out of respect for my husband i told him no. We chat online now and then but that's all. I don't care what the intentions were if my hubby EVER wanted to go out to lunch with a ex he had sex with before i'ld be heated. So do onto others as you want done to you is my moto...i'ld never want it done to me so i won't do it either./

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  • yetti
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    1 decade ago

    I think after 10 years you should all be able to act like adults and be friends.....I used to be pretty jealus guy...then I realized that it was not worth it.....I have met some of the guys my wife dated before we were married and they are not bad guys....I am also still friends with several of the women I have dated. it can work and jealously should not be an issue anymore, but if it there don't push it....

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Keep the peace with your husband, stop all contact with the ex.

  • 1 decade ago

    No "old flame" is worth messing up your marriage. Just avoid the situation.

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    If your husband is willing to be fully involved in teh friendship then it's okay, otherwise it's best to make it off limits.

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