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I have a laptop and also I was wondering, Instead of buying a new one,?

Am I able to buy a new motherboard for my laptop?. I want to run Windows Vista but I won't have enough since my max is 512 total. Would I have to buy a mother board with a new graphics card and more or just a mother board??

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    I'm not sure why you wish to upgrade to Vista? If you current laptop works why change to a new OS that requires a lot of RAM, a very fast CPU and a lot of special graphics hardware. There are different versions of Vista and you also need to consider which one you want? If after researching your needs and figuring out which version works then research the ideal hardware that would be needed. It is rarely cost effective to an older laptop just to upgrade the OS. In addition, buying Vista itself is very epensive ... $100 for the cheapest version to $200 plus for more expensive versions. No matter what I would wait until Vista has been shipping at least six months before doing anything.

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    Laptops are not like desktops, you cant just upgrade parts. The only parts that can be replace without costing to much is the RAM, hard drive, and CD drive. Everything else it made to fit in the laptop and even if you can replace the motherboard and graphics card it would be cheaper to buy a new laptop. So your going to have to buy a new laptop if you want vista.

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    i am asumming if your laptop maxes out at 512 that is as at least 3-4 years old. if that is the case i would go with new laptop as most of the hardware is going to be incompatible with Vista. Also, if it is a Dell, HP, etc then you will probably have a hard time finding a motherboard

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    Laptop motherboards aren't the same shape with the same connectors and holes like desktop motherboards. There's no way to upgrade them.

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