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Lets test your brain, Math Problems :-)?

A student was given a piece of rope and told to cut it into two equal pieces, keep one piece, and pass the other peice to the next student. Each student was to repeat this process until every student in the class had exactly one piece of rope. WHich of the following could be the fraction of the original rope that one of the students had?

A) 1/14

B) 1/15

C) 1/16

D) 1/17

E) 1/18

GO! :-)

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    Only 1/16 cause it is (1/2)^4.

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    C because the first kid would have 1/2 the second kid would have 1/4 the third kid would have 1/8 and the forth kid would have 1/16

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    The first person would have 1/2

    The second 1/4

    The third 1/8

    The fourth 1/16

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