how long to have my record expunged?

i just got arrested on 2 summonses and what seems to be a misdemeanor.what procss do i have to go through to get my record expunged?do i even have a criminal record with 2 summonses and a misdeamoenor?how long before i start the process?how long will it take?

all help is appreciated

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    1 decade ago
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    This varies from state to state. You need to provide more information if you want a competent answer. Some states do not always permit expunging and others have a set protocol.

    You will likely need to have it done by an attorney so it is probably best to just consult one in your state. Many will give you a free consultation and you will not get any false information. The same can not be said for Y!Answers.

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    6 years ago

    Hello, I am a retired Police Officer here in the US and I can confirm to you that these types of records, for the most part, are not available to the general public. You won't be able to obtain them for free. That's the reality of it. Even if you came into the station for a particular police report to which you have a right to possess, you are often required to pay a small fee at the clerk's counter for the paperwork. There are however, to my knowledge, just a couple LEGITIMATE services that have full access to these types of records, and OFFICIAL approval/certification to provide them. The one which comes to mind is - and if I recall correctly, They do provide these records at a relatively small cost.. especially considering the highly personal, confidential, or otherwise sensitive nature of the information within. Here you will find things such as:

    Reverse Phone Search

    Criminal Records

    Inmate Records

    Sex Offenders

    DUI/DWI Records

    Court Records

    Arrest Records

    Warrant Records

    Police Records

    Address History

    Death Index

    Marital Status

    Relatives and Associates

    Property Records

    Felonies and Convictions

    Alias and Date of Birth

    Business Search

    The only other way to obtain this type of information is to be working in certain areas of the public sector, such as Police work. Please do not use this any information you may discover for malicious purpose, as many States do provide criminal penalties under statutory law for certain acts regarding invasion of privacy. Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Retired NJ State Trooper
  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I used that website .. the one referenced by that detective guy. I found exactly what I was looking for. So much for Mr Right, or rather Mr Convicted Felon with 2 Liens against him totaling over 30,000$ and an ex-wife I never knew about!! Thank God I found out the truth before it was too late. We were almost engaged!!

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