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my rooster has frostbite on his comb. help?

kk, ive never had this problem b4, but my rooster got frostbite on his comb. the bottom of the tips are purpple, and the tops are grey. im worried that theyll fall off. My dad wont let me put a heat lamp on him. Ive moved the rooster into the warmest part of the barn, and put straw on the floor. is there anything else i can do? give him an antibiotic? put something on the comb? help!

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    Hi there. I'm sorry for your trouble. If the tissue is truly frost bitten, there is no reversal process. The tissue is dead and will fall off .It will turn black. Antibiotics may help to prevent gangrene infection to other adjacent areas The affected tissue may be the only area involved.Time will tell if frostbite has actually occurred and if the specific antibiotic is needed.. Your steps to help are excellent. The heat lamp sure would be a great idea. Just know you did the best you could. Really layer that floor with straw well. Good luck and things still have a chance to improve.

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    The tips that are different color will most likely fall off.

    When you are going to show chickens you need to keep the birds under a heat lamp to keep this from happening.

    Sometimes even under a heat lamp it will happen.

    I have heat lights on mine in the coop but the rooster still had very little comb left after one year but since I do not show them it was not a big deal he was fine just did not look the best.

    Good luck with your project.

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