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What type of television stand is good in a kids room, if they do not have a dresser?

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    PLEASE!! do your child (and your child's teacher) a favor and keep TV out of your child's room. There is much more in life for your kid to discover than how to glue their face to a TV screen. Your kids will do just fine w/o a TV in their room. TV time requires planning and choices. Which leads to what kids need to learn most to be successful in life. How to communicate, how to compromise, and how to plan for an event ( like a certain tv show they like).

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    I'm sure you can find one say at Wal-Mart or Target or somewhere like that. but, what I wanted to tell you is this can be very dangerous. Good Morning America had a special on about kids having tv's and tv stands in their rooms. Alot of kids have been killed because they tried to climb up or pull on them. The tv's actually fell and crushed the kids. they suggested to bolt the tv stand or entertainment center to the wall. As for the tv, they said that you should buy a stand high enough that they cannot pull on it. I thought you might want to consider this before picking out one.

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    The nature of this question disturbs me. I would strongly suggest not having a television in the kids room period. Kids need have both the amount and content of there viewing monitored closely. Therefore, I think letting them have a TV in their room (or a computer with a Internet connection) is really bad idea.

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    A much better choice for a child's room is to have a wall-mounted bracket for your TV. This way, they aren't as apt to be able to pull the stand over on themselves or play with the wires, etc. Your child will be much safer with the TV mounted to the wall where they can't climb on it or reach it with ease. Check Walmart... they often carry wall-mountable brackets for any size TV.

    As a teacher, I agree that having a TV in a child's room is not the best idea... you can't monitor it as easily for inappropriate viewing, nor does it help with communication in the family. However, if you decide that this is something that your child will have in their room, opt for a wall-mounted one instead of a free-standing center.

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    lowe's and home depot have a tv thing that mounts on the wall. there are different sizes too,for small and big tv's.anywhere from $45 to $70 for large size.

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    None. Watch any episode of supernanny or nanny 911, (I know you watch TV)

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