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The Human Brain compared to a Computer! Please read description!?


If we think of the human brain as a computer, what are the input devices? What are the output devices? What are the storage devices.

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    Input eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin all through various nerves entering mainy through cerebellum.

    Output cerebellum

    storage memory centers

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    Short Term Memory = RAM

    Long Term Memory = Hard Drive (But an unstable one with bad sectors and a poor file structure where data recovery is iffy at best)

    The organs involved in the "Five senses" are your input.

    The Brain is of course the CPU and Motherboard.

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    Input devices

    - mouth

    - nose

    - Genitals(female)

    - Butthole (female\male)

    - Ears

    - Skin

    - Eyes


    - Genitals (female\male)

    - Mouth

    - Nose

    - Butthole

    Mass Storage

    - Brain

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