Guys, i need advice! plzzzzzzzz?

I want someone to ask me out...

wat do guys think is hot? is it hair, body, or something else?

i don't want to hear somthing like 'all that matters is what's on the inside.' if it's hair, what style? if it's something else, wat? PLZZZZZZ

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    hate to break to you but usually the most thing a guy looks for in a girl is looks, 1. nice body, 2. if there pretty, 3. the hair the seconday thing they look at is personality cause no guy would want to be wit some mean ***, but usually thy like looks and personality and if that really you in the picture then i dont know why no ones asking you out your pretty! hope it helps

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    1 decade ago

    What's hot is a girl with self-confidence...looks are great as well but go up and talk to this guy. Show him that you are interested and maybe even go with the gusto and ask him out. That is more popular these days and we all know that there are very few old-fashioned men out there! Make sure you get to know him first because you don't want to waste all your time and energy on this dude if he isn't in to you or if you find out that perhaps you aren't all that into him after all. Hold your head up high and go for it! He may surprise you and make sure your hair is combed real nice :D

    That is what you wanted to hear right? That guys go for great hair? Good luck!

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    A confident body posture, eye contact and a smile should get you started. What you say is important and not so much what you are wearing or if your perfect hair do. Ever heard of a man saying they like a girl because she combs her hair real good? Try being flirtatious and playful. You don't have to go on an "official date", if you are with him it's a date. Don't display a lot of emotional trauma, but have a positive state of mind.

    Hope this helps.

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    well, you can be all pretty yet you can have zero common sense or knowledge. a guy will not look for a dumb girl to ask out unless he wants to sleep with offense! if looks are all that important to you maybe that is why he is not asking you out because you are vain and insecure or so it seems. a guy will ask the girl he chooses to ask since he likes confidence and if you all of the people do not know what you should do and you revolve your world around this guys, boy, good luck! looking nice and dressing nice is a good thing but you do not want to over do it: just be yourself...why are you trying to impress someone by being someone that you are not? guys usually do not like girls to spend 5 hours mixing, matching outfits, doing their hair and make up because they are too high for my advice: i guess that you are either in jr. high or high school and do not know better or do not have friends that know better either..well i am 22 and let me tell you that you could dress to kill, yet if you lack confidence, a nice smile and warmth it all equals nothing... as for styles of clothes go with what makes you feel comfortable be it a polo, a tank top with a cute jacket, jeans and heels...we all have different tastes when it comes to fashion and make up but this is what i learned: less i more when it comes to make up...try a fresh, natural look with earthy tones and natural colored for hair, try a smple hair do like soft curls or something that looks effortless. for clothes try something that accentuates you and in bright and vivid colors: skirts, polos, tank tops, skinny jeans and so forth...

    Ingrid from TX

    Source(s): personal experience
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    Okay. If you want the dirt, the low down on guys and how to get them to notice you get ready.[[ MAKE SURE HE DOESN'T HAVE A GIRLFRIEND FIRST!!]] Guys love the I don't care look and attitude. Let you hair down like a tousled sexy messy look. Wear something with cleavage, but not too much that will make him think your a s|ut. Whenever he looks at you, give I'm a sexy little smile. If you've got nice teeth, show them off. But give him a quick smile. Wear tight jeans and low pumps or flats. Something other than sneakers or flip flops. Don't try too hard to make him look at you. When he looks at you, don't look at him immediately. If you are standing next to him, (If you not shy) go up to him and say something like "Have you seen my friend so and so...." That will get him to talk to you. Then when he says no(hes bound to) just say damn, or something like that just to make him smile. Then when he does start leaving, stop then say "you have a really nice smile, you should smile more often." wink,(if you can do it without looking like you got something in your eye.), then walk away. Your bound to get him by that week. Make sure that whenever you see him, you simply say "Hi". NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS. Tell me if it works!!

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    Okay I won't tell you that it is what is on he inside that counts but it helps. Now moving on I like women with beautiful eyes not to heavy on the mascara just enough yo bring them out.

    Lips are very important sweet kissable lips and I am not saying to put flavored lip stick on. What I am am saying is my your lips look Delicious kissable.

    Hair should be shoulder lenght clean full of body very soft and touchable.

    Wear nice dress that show just a little clevege to much and he will think that you are easy.

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    If you want someone to ask you out then you should let the guy know that you find him interesting. The way to do that is by flirting. Google it and find all the things you can do to attract a guy. Most men want to ask a girl out who is interested in them, that way they will not feel their risk for getting burned will be too high. Looks are secondary acessories and a good personality is how you reel them in.

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    1 decade ago

    Every guy is different and is attracted to different qualities in women. I mean, a nice body and nice hair is good but it really doesn't matter. He's either going to be attracted to your overall look and personality or he's not so you might as well look good for your own good feelings and if you like him ask him out.

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    i understand. the inside matters, but so does the outside.

    my best guy friends and boyfriend dont like girls with no style or short hair. thats just a tip that guys like to show off their girl so i guess they want you to look hot. i dont want you to think that the inside doesnt matter, though. sorry if this is not any help =) good luck

    p.s. and cleavage

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    to be honest its a mix of pretty much everything, The hair and body and everything has to flow together nicely. And really though the inside does matter. But alot of it comes down to the guys personel preference.

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