why did the french come to canada in 1692?


Alright then, what was going on in france for them to move to canada?

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    The French were looking for a new trade route to China and the orient. Before that time, they would traditionally have to go around Africa or go as far east as they could in the Mediteranean and then use land routes from there.

    When they first came to what is now Canada, they found a great inlet (St. Laurence River) which they believed would lead them through to the other side. It was referred to as the northwest passage.

    By the time they arrived in what is now the island of Montreal (Quebec), they encountered fierce rapids and were unable to sail any further.

    Colonies were started by the French in the areas around Gaspe peninsula, Quebec City/Trois Rivieres, and Montreal.

    There is in fact a city on the island of Montreal named "Lachine", which literally translated from french is the name for China.

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    There were French there already before then - and it might have been that for some of them in 1692, it was safer than staying in France. The French Edict of (religious) Toleration was revoked by King Louis in 1685, and up to a million French Protestants were forced to submit or flee amid a reign of terror in the years that followed (and indeed had to some extent gone before). The Huguenot refugees (the first use of the word) significantly came to England - and others went elsewhere where they could be safe - such as Canada

    Source(s): Norman Davies. 'A history of Europe'. Pimlico p 623 gives some background.
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    France endeavoured to take control of Brittany and its Commonwealth colonies no matter where the English went.

    Their angle was to undermine and distrup the English and their treaties made with the settlements, Indigenous tribes and the settlers.

    They were also in Spain Canada USA not to forget other European countries.

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    like the English, Scots, Spanish

    the french at the time, wanted colonies to make money from trading and importing goods

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    They were following Columbus, got lost for two hundred years, and ended up a ways north. That's the French for you.

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    The same way the British came to America!!!

  • The fur trade I believe.

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    Everywhere else was already staked out.

  • because they wanted to idk

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