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I am having problems with my 95 civic. Every time i stick the key in the ignition and start the car, it dies right after i take my hand off the key. anyone has a solution for that? ( Click........ Vroom........... dies.....etc) It just happened today and this is what it's been doing this whole time i been tryin to start up the car. Oh yea before that, the clock flashes (dead...alive....) also the ABS came on for a few sec...then goes away.... SCARY driving on the highway...any idae?


The battery is fine.

Update 2:

The gauges are blank when you turn the key but if you turn the key back just a little, the dash lights up as usual. It's just when you turn on the engine, it dies right after you let go of the key.

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    1 decade ago
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    You need the electrical part of the ignition switch. Sometimes these are still covered under warranty at the dealer (even on older hondas). Check with dealer first.

    Source(s): My husband just told me. He is a Honda tech.
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    When the car dies, do you have any electrical power? Do any lights come on? To me, it sounds like its just a lose power connecton, but im assuming the entire dash goes dead.

    This is where you start. it shows you how to pull the codes.

    Now if you have no codes, your next step would be to check all the power connections. make sure they are all secure.

    Then if that doesnt work, your next step would be to get a voltmeter and check your power relays.

    Next determine if your getting fuel, You will be able to smell it under the hood.

    If your getting fuel, and power, then your problem would remain between the ecu and ignition. Do those things first, then post back in "answers" if it still wont stay running.

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    yes it sounds like the electrical part of the ing. switch but it is not covered by warranty....the 98-2000 civics where but not the 95s so u just need to buy a new ing. switch electrial part and all will be good

    Source(s): ase master tech at a honda dealer
  • 1 decade ago

    May be the key is bened or you need to replace the strater or battery

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