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rhode island prenup laws?

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    Because Rhode Island does recognize prenuptial agreements the below should help you to recognize what an agreement should address. Remember, though, that each state varies at times therefore a good prenuptial should be done with a professional.

    In order to best safeguard your union, there are certain key issues you should include in your prenup. Be sure to review the following with your soon-to-be spouse:

    List all assets, liabilities, income, and expectations of gifts and inheritances.

    Describe how premarital debts will be paid.

    Resolve what happens to your premarital property in reference to appreciation, gains, income, rentals, dividends and proceeds of such property- in the event of death or divorce.

    Decide who, or if both of you, will own the marital residence and secondary homes in the event of death or divorce.

    Specify the status of gifts, inheritances, and trusts either spouse receives or benefits from, whether before or after marriage.

    Clarify what will happen to each type of property, whether jointly or individually owned, such as real estate, artwork and jewelry.

    Figure out alimony, maintenance, or spousal support, or provide for a waiver or property settlement instead of support (to the extent allowable by law).

    Detail death benefits, stating what you will provide for in your will.

    Decide on medical, disability, life or long-term-care insurance coverage.

    Note: Some people may be hesitant to enter a prenup with their beloved, because they believe it destroys the romance and fantasy of their upcoming marriage. A prenuptial agreement, however, gives a couple an opportunity to share their hopes and dreams with one another and articulate their aspirations. The best chance of living up to one another's expectations is knowing what they are in advance and finding out what it is that your partner holds dear. A prenup can intensify the pleasure of a relationship by drawing out the couple's desires, promoting communication and enabling partners to establish for themselves the rules of their marriage. By virtue of this process, a prenup protects the romance that launched the couple and makes happily-ever-after more likely. A relationship based on reality is stronger than a relationship built on illusion.

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