i get a lot of spam emails on my yahoo account. is there anyway i can direct unwanted emails to a special folder?

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    You can click on your Bulk folder and turn on "spamguard" and look at the other options there.

    You can forward such email to

    It does help. Spammers resist, which lets me know it helps more than we know. Spam to my email went down after I started forwarding it all to

    I have set up a filter to collect all the mail I WANT into a "keep" folder. I read that email first, since it's from addresses on my list.

    You will still need to look at your inbox because there'll always be a chance someone you want to get email from is not on your list.

    I wouldn't bother setting up a second filter to keep out bad email, because that would be a third folder you would need to check because it will sometimes catch your friends' emails.

    Yahoo lets you right click on email messages and identify them as spam. I've never known of Yahoo stopping any email I wanted.

    With Outlook you can right click on an email message and look at the properties. Then you can look at the "source". That will let you look at a questionable email without actually opening it. Opening some emails can activate pictures and things they've designed to reach back to their web sites to save information like your email address. For this reason I would turn off features in your email that let you "preview" messages, because that preview can get information from the attackers web site.

    If something in the text doesn't identify the email as being from someone you know then you should not open the email.

    Most people consider bulk email to be spam. Don't trust any bulk email or spam. If you respond to them in any way they make a profit from it and will continue.

    If the spam is clearly trying to get you to send them money you can go to and use the "file a complaint" link in the center near the top. It will help give them the information they need to track the mass fraud.

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    Check your mail settings, all that junk mail should be going into your bulk folder.Most of mine does..Good Luck

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