Friends or Talent Show?

There's a talent show at school and I sooooo want to do it,but my friends were saying that we should all be in the talent show-Together!But I want to be a solo singer.Everyone says I'm amazing at singing and I really think I have a chance at winnig this...but I don't want to do it with my friends.And I've tried to tell them that I want to sing solo,but they just don't understand....and also..can u give me a request for what song to sing???

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    Friends and talent shows don't go hand in hand. Many times friends stand in the way of a good performance. First you must decide how important it for you to try to win the talent show. You stand a chance of losing some friends if you don't include them. If you think you stand a solid chance of winning, go solo regardless of what your friends think. Many times a good talent goes unnoticed due to weak members of a group.

    As for what to sing, that is certainly a personal preference. It should be a song that you like, have confidence in, and can convey to the audience and judges.

    Source(s): American Idol judges thought the harmonica player should have booted his brother. Little brother was so good, but older brother was mediocre. There was crying done because of this. The judges tell it like it is, without regard for personalities, friends, or relatives.
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    As selfish as this sounds, I would do whichever would be more likely to win. If you're sure you can win, then go solo. Another thing to consider is this: Do you feel more comfortable performing with a group or by yourself?

    I can't really suggest anything because I don't know your vocal range, or the type of music you'd want to sing. :/

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    I think you should do what's in your heart. If you pass up this opportunity, you may live to regret it or not! It's your decision. If they are your true friends, they will understand and support you no matter what. A good song "And I Am Telling You" from the Dreamgirls movie soundtrack or " I Believe I Can Fly" by R. Kelly or "The Greatest Love Of All" by Whitney Houston. Hope this helps! Good luck!

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    Do it by yourself. They can't force you to do it. If you want to compromise, they could do some background stuff, and you can do lead, but if not then sign up. I don't want to get your friends mad at you or anything, but if you want to go solo, go solo. and if they are good friends, they will b there congratulating you whey u win :)) Ask your parents. they can offer some good advice. think of this in someone else's point of view reading your Question... follow your dream is what most people would say, and they are right so go for it, girl!!

    God Bless


    Source(s): Songs--- Stay away from -------------------- Alicia keys- they are hard to get the right sound Go for -------------------- Jordan pruitt songs something that will get the crowds PUMPED!! material girl by madonna 1, 2 step by ciara~ Maybe Bad day Hannah montana songs are fun ^_^ Me and u by cassie Wind it up by gwen stefani Irreplaceable by beyonce
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    um..this might kinda be unfair to your friends, but they can be back-up singers.

    or just ask really nicely if you all can do this separately & all have a good time, so no one is hurt or anything.And then you can probly win!

    I dont have great solutions but these are the only ones at the moment.

    1more: you can search on the internet for a special talent & see what 3 people can do.And if you find something unique go call them & ask if they want to do the talent & see if you can find a special unique talent that maybe no one heard of.

    Sorry if I dont satify you

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    I think you should do both. you could perform with your friends and you could do your solo. I think you should sing a song that really brings out your vocals but nothing to hard.

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    i say if you want to sing by yourself do it. it might hurt them but they'll get over it. if you have a good chance at winning it take it! i would say to sing your favorite song

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