Is it possible my three year old's not ready for the potty?

Toilet training my daughter's been a real up-hill battle. We've had numerous false starts and it feels like I've tried EVERYTHING - incentives, schedules, potty chair, big toilet - you name it. For the last three days, I haven't used any diapers at all (I'm still putting her in a pull-up at night), and she's still peeing all over the place. Granted, when she pees, she goes running to the toilet immediately, but she doesn't seem to be recognizing the signals that preclude elimination.

Moreover, she hasn't had a BM in all the time she's been out of the diapers (abnormal for her) and I'm sure she's holding it in.

Is it possible she just isn't ready? Should I persevere? Is it normal for some children to take this long to recognize their bodily signals?

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    1 decade ago
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    All kids develop and do things at different ages. Not every kid gets up and walks on their first birthday. Maye she just isn't ready. Theres no age limit to potty training!

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    It's definitely possible that she isn't ready. It's also possible that she sees this as a power struggle and just doesn't want to do it yet. If there's not a reason that she absolutely must be potty trained (like going to school or day care), my suggestion would be to just let it go and wait a while longer. This is not a battle that you can win since you cannot force her to use the toilet. You also do not want to have to deal with constipation on top of everything. I had the same trouble with one of my kids and it turned out that she'd pee on the potty, but when she had to have a BM, she'd ask for a diaper. A compromise on my part, but worth it in the long run!

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