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ever get the feeling as if your not breathing enough oxygen? whyy?

i'm a bit freaked out at the moment.

i'm breathing normally i guess but it feels like im not breathing in enough oxygen. heads getting a little bit dizzy at times.

this just started a couple of minutes ago when

when i yawn i feel better because im getting in more oxygen.

this never happened before. i'm a completely healthy teen no asthma, no allergies, no sicknesses.

so why? =S im hoping this will go away soon it's kinda scaring me.

is there a reason for why i might be feeling this way?

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    1 decade ago
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    It has been happening to me recently. I do not drink water quiet often since i work under A/C, maybe thats the problem.

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    this started happening to me, and after going to the doctors, I found out my lungs were working at 80% of what they should be. Basically I had a very mild form of asthma, and they prescribed me an inhaler to use for a month.

    Now Ive never had an asthma attack, and I really only use the inhaler when I have that feeling, and it seems to work really well.

    Another thing it could be is your blood sugar. When its low, it will make you feel dizzy, and it goes away in like 1 minute. Are you on a diet? Next time try eating a couple crackers if you dont think its anything to do with asthma.

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    acctually i dont get enough oxygen most of the time because i have an extremely bad sinus infection and it slows down by breathing and i always get dizzy lightheaded a headache or something like that i also sometimes have chest tpo but u could also get dizzy and stuff if ur overworked or streesed or u inhaled something like smoke that stoped ur breathing but it should go away once u relax take a drink of water and a couple of deep breathes u should start feeling better! good luck!!

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    Its just what it is...your lungs are not getting enough oxygen. I used to get that all of the time and for no reason. I coulb temporary or it could be something pushing on your lungs so you are not able to take a full deep breath even though it feels like it. I think I may have that problem. First it was my breath then my ribs felt weird like they moved or something. I am goingto get it checked so we will see :)

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Well, it could be some kind of allergy, and it's only a coincidence that you had some weird troubles during the summer... But you could have masses in your lungs. All in all, you should get it checked out. Do you have a good doctor? That might come in handy!

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    shortness of breath happens all the time. usually if you have been laying down in a position you usually don't, or when feelings produced by certain chemicals in the brain cause these anomalies. actually theres alot of reasons that you think you can't breath right, unless you see your local doctor if it persist for more than a week. lol, you'll be fine.

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    Are you stressed? If so, it could be anxiety attacks. Have you tried deep cleansing breaths? If this does not help, I would go to the emergency room or if you know someone who can check your blood pressure. See related link for hypotension (low blood pressure).

  • sgt
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    1 decade ago

    The exact same symptoms happen to me. I found out I have an elevated blood pressure and one time I had an anxiety attack which felt like that.

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    1 decade ago

    Well your either nervous or your nose is a little congested (stuffed) and your consciously thinking about it and it's freking you out. Yes, it's happened to me before, and it's nothing but allergies! Feel better now i hope!

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    hm.. when i was in early teens i got dizzy sometimes and ppl said that the brain has a hard time calibrating the oxygen while growing up...i am healthy too but hopefully it should pass.

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