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Where can i find ambien without presciption?

Other than the internet or a creepy drug dealer.


But i heard in some drug stores they sell ambien without prescription. I was asking what stores they would be at.

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    THere are online sites that will actually have their MD write u a RX.. I just ordered one from them.. Much cheaper too.. In US it's $4.00 a pill..there it's $2 a pill....I haven't gotten them yet so not sure if the place is legit.. If u have never taken ambien, I would not advise it without talking to a doc Some people have really bad reactions to it.. Other than online or from a MD..u can't.

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    If you really need it,your Doctor will prescribe it. Quit looking for a cheaper way to get it and see a Doctor. It's illegal to obtain prescription drugs from other sources.

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