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I am a first-time owner....?

I just got a new hamster!!!!! What kind of vegetables and fruits should i feed him????

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    -Here is a little more then just fruits and veggies. One thing Limit the amount of Ice berg lettuce (regular lettuce) it can give them the runs. This is not good

    any unsweetened cereal such as Cheerios

    - bits of dried fruit such as chopped dates, banana, mango and apricot

    - unsalted peanuts, walnuts and pecans

    - chopped lettuce, sprouts, and other greens (although I would call these staples rather than treats)

    - melon pieces, with the rind left on

    With any treats, feed only in small amounts and be sure to check the food hoard often to remove any fresh items that may be 'past their sell by date.

    Hope this helps

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    I would recommend you go to the library or pet store and get a book on hamsters.

    When my son had hamsters, he fed them hamster pellets, lettuce, carrot pieces, nuts, apple pieces and the like.

    I wouldn't recommend citrus or any meat product as these are not natural to their diets.

    Whatever you feed you new pet, be sure to change it's water often and keep the water container clean. Don't use strong detergents to clean it's cage and rinse thoroughly.

    Some hamsters can get skin irritations from different types of wood shavings, so watch for that.

    Good Luck and have fun with your little hamster.

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    First they need to be on a good pelleted or block diet, seed diets arent balanced. You can use fruits and veggies as treats, the best are dark green leafy veggies like spinach, kale and carrot tops. Fruits are mostly sugar, so only give them occasionally, most are okay, but never give grapes or raisins.

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    Organic veggies, or homegrown ones, so that there are no pesticides or harmful sprays on them.

    Crunchy ones....try several different at a time, and your hamster will let you know which one are the faves!

    My hamster always liked raisins the best.

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    I found this list of foods that others feed their hamsters

    The same method I use for trying new foods on my rats, I would also try on my hamsters.

    Method 1: Choose a food and give him just as much as he can hold in his little paws. Don't overwhelm him with big pieces of food. If he doesn't like it at first, he will either stash it in the cage or stuff it in his cheek pouches. You don't want fresh food going bad for him to find and eat later.

    If he doesn't like the food, remove it immediately and try the food again another day.

    Method 2: Your hamster learned what was safe to eat by watching his mom eat it and smelt it on her breath. You can be the new mom now. Put a bit of the new food on your tongue, hold it there, now spit it out, breathe on your hammy and give him the food...............Oh gross! But it works, and imagine the looks on your friends' faces when you tell them how you got your hamster to eat new foods.

    More on caring for your hamster:


  • frozen green peas, grapes, litlle pices of apple

    my lil bros hamster luvs them

    get a book from the library to tell u

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    fruit and veges are fine! just not ones that hes not going to chew on propally, try getting some pallets or nuts aswell, these will keep his teeth trimmed and clean

    good luck!

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    lettuce carrots hamster food nuts

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    my hamster likes to eat toast

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