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Hawley Retainers?

Does anyone know if they can cut out a piece of a hawley if you need a new crown or do you need to have a new retainer made?


The tooth is the 1st bicuspid and it does have a hook around it

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    The lab will ask for the retainer to be dropped off for one day so they can check it to the crown and make any necessary adjustment to it. The crown should be an exact replica of your original tooth, so it shouldn't need any thing cut out of it and you certainly won't need a new one made. Good luck, sorry about needing a crown.

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    Good question. Recently, after 2 new crowns (one on top and one on the bottom), my Hawley retainers did not fit properly. I made an appointment with my orthodontist and he made an adjustment in the acrylic part. He said a millimeter change will affect the retainers. It was a really quick procedure to adjust the retainers.

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    The essix is a low-priced plastic that has to get replaced each and every of the time by way of fact of cracks and yellowing. Hawley is metallic and solid plus you gert to customise it with exciting colorings and designs

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    it all depends on the dentist and what tooth it is and how the retainer fits on that tooth

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