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I have constapation problem..plz help!?

I have no bowl movement in weeks sometimes months..i went to the doctors got no help..my stomach is so hard i can feel tht i hav so much in there..anybody kno wat i should do?..if u do plz help me..i hav taken so many medicine but nothing works..thanks!

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    There are a few things you can try, here are some of them.

    1. Increase your water intake

    2. Drink prune juice

    3. Exercise

    4. Move your hand in a clockwise direction on your tummy, this will help the elimination process.

    5. Look at getting a massage, this will help your digestive system.

    If all this fails go and see a natropath and get some advice!

    All the best to you

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    There is no way you couldn't have a bowel movement in weeks even months. you would die. you might be constipated but have to have "some" type of bowel movement i went 7 days without a bowel movement after having a c-section, and i had to be rushed to the ER because the pain was soo intense. If you're having a hard time use an enema to get it "all out" and then stay on a supplement of some sort of fiber. Metamucil etc. I have IBS and have either diarrhea or constipation on a regular basis. not fun.

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    Get a supplement called Cascara Sagrada. It will work when other stuff doesn't for me. I normally take two at a time. It's only for occasional problems, as your body can become dependent to the use of any laxative, natural or not. I know you might of heard this before, but trying to eat enough fruit and vegetable fiber daily will really help over all.

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    have you tried metamucil ??? that usually helps you should also drink 6-8 glasses of water a day and eat lots of bran you should try having a bran muffin for breakfast every morning or even kellogs frosted wheat cereal is good for you the bran and wheat will help you go easier it is very unhealthy to not go for weeks let alone months you should get a second opinion if your doctor isnt getting the job done maybe there is something blocking your bowels it is very important that you get this taken care of so try the bran and wheat take a laxative and get a second opinion

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    I feel you, I have constipation also for about 6 years now. I have tried everything, when i eat orange it seem to work, but i have to eat it like everyday, and I am not a big orange fruit ban. Also i went o my Dr. and He prescribed Glycolax and this is a powder substance and u can mix it with your food, water, it does not have any taste. I gurantee you it will work. it makes my poo not hard and every time i take it, i turns out ok, I am trying not to take it everyday, so i don't get hooked. I also want to try natural stuff like the orange and prunes. so do that ok, hope you feel better.

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    you need to eat plums

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