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Lifetime vaccines vs flu shot?

How come we can get some vaccines that last a lifetime, but yet we have to get a flu shot every year?

Yeah yeah, influenza mutates...don't other viruses do that?

Yeah yeah, three strains of influenza, so why can't they just include all three in the vaccine and be done with it?

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    You answered your question , simply put our body defense system " mainly white blood cells WBC's" recognizes viruses by some genetic determined proteins and then produces antibodies against them , every time this same virus comes it is killed by the WBC's. no some viruses developed a way to go around this by changing their genetic determined proteins , thus our WBC's won't know them, they are treated as new and the process starts from zero, the good thing is that most viruses do that process at very very slow rates that we can't notice it in our live span " like measles for example" that's why we only need a one time life vaccine, where as other viruses like the flu virus is originally a diverse group of viruses and it also changes very fast that every year you might be infected with a new strain of this virus , but if for example you get infected with the same strain of the virus you had last year then you won't have any symptoms. that was just a brief simplification of the story, if you need more professional information visit the Health Information Center : where you can find detailed information about any health issue retained from the top trusted health organizations.

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