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What's the best way of getting out of paying your cell phone cancellation fee if your still under contract?

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    you could have someone take over the plan, or if you only have a couple months you might get your company to let you pay the final months off and it could be less than the cancellation. if they don't do that, go ahead and get the new cell phone you want, and just keep paying your other phone's bill until it is paid off (that only will benefit you if the total of months left costs less than the cancel fee)

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    There are some services that let you swap your contract with someone else who's willing to take it over. Like a company called (I've never used them so I don't know how good they are, but there was a newspaper article on them:)

    "So what do the cell phone companies think? Verizon, for example, says it's just fine. One spokesman said that as long as both parties fill out the paperwork, and the account is in good standing, the swap can be made. The person picking up the account may still have to complete a credit report before it can happen. "

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    the others above seem to be right, the only other way I know is, if the company makes a "material change" to it's services that would directly affect you. For instance, a few months ago Sprint/Nextel changes it's text messaging rate from .10 to .15 .. that is a "material change" subscribers were able to cancell thier contact withour early termination fee.... however if you had a text message plan. the change would not affect because you don't pay per message.... hope this helps a little... otherwise, call the company...tell them you want to cancell there service..most cases they will offer you something free or low cost to keep you... why r u unhappy in the first place??

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