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The jig is up!! My kitty is on to my deworming plan. Now what?

I have a kitty with little worms. They look like little pieces of rice. Will a piperazine solution treat these types of worms? If so, how do I get it down him. Big Fat Bob Cat is on to my plan and now he won't ingest it. Should I syringe it into his mouth?

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    Piprazine WILL NOT treat tapeworms. NOT. EVER. That treats rounds ....badly at that.

    Get OTC wormer called TRADEWINDS...it is a tablet and goes by weight. Pill is the only option, unless you go to the vet for injection.

    Next time, to treat rounds and hooks, get pyrantel pamoate. It works better.

    AGAIN......piprazine DOES NOT treat tapeworms!!!!!!!!!

    Person below me....Nemex is pyrantel pamoate....it also does NOT do tapeworms.

    The generic over the counter tapewormer is called TRADEWINDS. I think it is sold three tabs per bottle for cats. Weight dosage is on the bottle to tell you how many to give. No other option OTC. Only other option is the vet.

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    Yes definately. Make sure that the syringe is right to the back (difficult i know, but if you put it in the side of his mouth you can get further back.) Once the liquid is in his mouth, shut it tight, and rub his neck - it will make him swallow. I have got 4 cats and 2 dogs, and this method has always worked a treat for me.

    Good luck!!!

    The worms should go - need to keep up the treatment and make sure they dont come back, but most kittens are actually born with worms so it is really common (i have also bred cats twice!)

    Have fun with little kitty!!

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    Praziquantel is the drug you need to get rid of tapeworms. I believe it is available over-the-counter. Be very careful to follow instructions. If the medication says for dogs only, do not use it on cats. Cats are not small dogs and using a dosage chart for a dog could cause overdoses in a cat. Medicine safe for a 10 lb dog could be lethal for a 10 lb cat. It is always best to get medications from a veterinary clinic, however!

    Deworming should always be done at least twice, with 3-4 weeks between doses.

    Also, you cannot get tapeworm from your pets - it cannot be passed on directly. Neither can pets pass it between each other. Cats usually get tapeworm from eating rodents or from grooming fleas off themselves. So you also might want to check to see if Big Fat Bob has fleas! If he does, you need to treat the fleas or he will simply reinfect himself with tapeworms. The only safe and effective way to treat fleas is with Advantage, Frontline or Revolution, available only at veterinary clinics and hospitals. Do not use over-the-counter products for flea treatment - they are very unsafe!

    Good luck!

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    It sounds like tape worms, take him to the vet and ask him about the Droncit injection. Its like a vaccine for tape worms. Usually only takes one shot and they're gone! There are people that swear it is the only way to get rid of tape worms too, this lady comes to our clinic every so often just to get her cat that medicine because nothing else works for him (he won't take the other medicine and the droncit is so effective).

    Source(s): I work at a vet clinic
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    The vet should tell you how to adminiter it. When my vet gave our kitty her worm medication, she gulped it right up. It must have tasted like mice.

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    open a can of tuna, pulverize the medicine and mix it with the fish, then try to feed him, if you must starve him a little untill he takes the whole thing, the job will be over soon. good luck

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    no you need to got to the vet and get a dose of nemex,it is in a syringe for you, just put it in the side of the mouth and squirt

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    Just push it in.

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