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How would you pronounce Deréon ?

From the house of dereon, by tina knowles. I love it like I love beyonce, and i want to know how to pronounce it.

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    i think in english it would be dare-ee-on, but in french its pronounced duh-ray-On (long o)

    Source(s): 3 years of french
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    Deer eee on - it is like derriere and that means azz. Doesn't;t work at all for me. Kind of like the name I saw in the paper - Trashonda. That works out to trash honda and what mother named her daughter that. I think the mother intended (trey shonda) but it sure came out like a derriere didn't it. Trying to be different or cute or sophisticated without any knowledge of the English language is to assume you are hip. When you (a-ss u me) you make an azz of u and me. Please think before you make up a cultural or hip name with a supposedly unique spelling. You may not get what you intended. Please please don't take offense but I could not let anyone not think about this.

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    It is pronounced like this: (Dare-e-awn). Hope this helps.

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