Does anyone agree or disagree with my following opinion of "gays" and "transgendering" of humans?

All I have to say, is that I'd rather not take a communal shower with a dog that wants to have sex with me, or a man that wants to have sex with me.

Homosexuality rapes the civil lifestyle that society would like to prevail. There is simply no ability to know for sure who is and who's not. There are so many increasing numbers of those who used to be man, but now are "women" and vice-versa.

I think homosexuality is the incapability to deal with life as your parents created you. Actually I believe God created you, but even if you don't and you feel your parents did so with no divine intervention, than , well, that's why I said parents.

Anyways, seeing that one is incapable of living content with what package they were born with, or whether mutilation of said body and package is what is preferred, either way, it shows a defective mental health picture of which shows me, a physician that one is in need of mental health care and not bodily mutilation, nor destroying what is known as civil "norms", and tearing down "marriage" as it was sanctified by God.

This may not be a popular opinion with the gay crowd, but I present my answer as an alternate to eliminating the judeo-Christian standards upon which this society is based. Get Help, Not Surgery. We are born complete, and even if you dont' believe in god, believe this. Bodies supposedly evolved to reproduce and survive. By choosing to not be "hetero" you are obviously giving in to what would be considered the weaker tendancies of a species by not procreating. In summation, evolution would eliminate those who are not gay since they are using their minds to further a cause their natural bodies cannot provide.

Dr. D.

please, let's have a good, thoughtful conversation without insulting one another....

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    well said, sound statements, yes, i agree!

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    You have some interesting points, but faith-based points will not fly this day and age. A sad truth I'm afraid. I do like your subject matter as it applies to folkways such as marriage. Homosexuals seemed to think that the majority should compromise their tradition of marriage in a spirit of equality, but this is obviously rediculous to anyone with half a brain. Men and women were having marriage ceremonies as back as the written word. Even the great Roman Empire tolerated homosexuality, but did not allow marriage of the same. There is also your point of evolution that I find interesting. If homosexuality was completely genetic then it would stand to reason that such genes would be on the way out, but it seems the opposite indeed. If homosexuality is deemed genetic then the arguement would rise that homosexuals are afflicted. Honestly, it is a no win situation for the gay community as research continues. I can tolerate homosexuals, but I find it difficult to tolerate a modern concept that supports homosexual behavior as anything other than deviant. Male homosexuality is an aggressive act by all intent and purpose because you have a dominant and a submissive. It seems to be catching with lesbians as well when you consider a very male-like personality in most relationships. Popular television is an influence and children are taught many things that carry over into adulthood. Are people taught to be gay? The truth is that we do not know yet. Is there a gentic predisposition for homosexuality? Again, we do not have conclusive data yet, but research is ongoing. I do not think that homosexuals should be abused, but at the same time I believe in holding true to our customs such as marriage. Openly gay couples influence those around them regardless if they believe it or not. Children are expert mimics and this we all know to be true. Moderation is the key to this pandoras box, but moderation is quickly becoming myth as our countries and cultures progress. The vast majority of people are not gay and this should be note worthy. The vast majority of people are not hadicap either. I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings, but I am not a PC kinda guy either.

  • Well, you are assuming people are choosing to be gay. The world is overpopulated with people and unwanted children are born every day. Or, what is worse for many Christians, they are not. With so many unwanted children and so many abortions going on, why should the world be so worried about reproducing at this stage? Is the human race in that much of a race to survive?

    Homosexuality could be a genetic predisposition set in as a population control since homosexual unions produce no children. And, with so many adoptable children, those people could raise the unwanted children. Then, since homosexuality is a genetic condition, not a mental illness nor a choice, there would be no argument about recruitment, defilement, or other propaganda.

    You bring up the sanctity of marriage. Half of all marriages end up in divorce today. Marriage seems to be more like a business than a real commitment to most people. And, what do you think people did before Christianity came around? Loved one another yet lived separately? There have been marriage ceremonies for centuries, AEONS before Christianity. Being with someone you love is not a God-given right. The government giving you benefits and tax breaks for being married, however, could possibly be eliminated for fairness to the entire population if people wish to still refuse same-sex couples the right to marriage and it's benefits. Or, for all I care, call it a "commitment ceremony." It's the same thing.

    You also confuse transgender with gay. Transgendered people aren't gay. They believe they have been born into the wrong body. A woman who is attracted to women yet thinks she should be a man would actually identify herself as heterosexual, but transgender. On the other hand, a man attracted to women yet believing he was in the wrong body would identify himself as a lesbian. Gender identity and sexual orientation don't always go together.

    I also notice you seem worried because you can't tell who is what, with your comment on the shower. Well, that's more of a personal problem. I'm pretty sure back in the eighteen hundreds many white people didn't like black people voting with them. But look at how we view such people today.

    Source(s): Born homosexual. Okay relationship with parents (not too close with mother, decent father figure). No molestation attempts. And quite religious, in a perfectly Pagan way.
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    If you want a "good, thoughtful conversation," start by leaving your hatred and bigotry at the door, and stop attacking LGBT people. Until that time, you will get what you give 100-fold.

    If you want to know who is LGBT, ask them.

    God makes LGBT people, and straight people, exactly as they are. Who are you to disparage any of God's children, or any of God's gifts?

    This is different from hatred, which one has to be taught. Evidently you are a very good student.

    Most LGBT people are perfectly content with their inborn sexual orientation. We are born complete. We did not make a choice.

    There is nothing about two people loving each other that "tears down" marriage. Last time I checked, marriage rights were given by the STATE. Religion and bigotry should have no say in who gets these rights, or it is blatent and illegal discrimination.

    I think bigotry is the incapability to deal with humans and respect them as people. By choosing to be filled with hatred, you are obviously giving into what would be considered the black-hearted and hate-filled tendencies of the worst kind of human.

    We of the LGBT forum will pray for you. I'm sure you will not return the favor.

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    Gee, I guess I just don't worry about gay and transgender people that much. You know, I eat at a resturaunt where there is a girl who use to be a guy and it's obvious. She is at the dessert counter. Many times I have walked up and asked for my dessert, and She has gotten it, put it in the styrofoam container, I give her the money and she gives me change. I then walk out of the resturant. Now, exactly how was I exposed to be effected by that? I got what I wanted. It's gender transformation didn't effect me in any way. I got my cake. That's what I wanted. My cake. I also don't believe in god. I also feel that marrige is you know, made up by man, not santified by god. Lastly, there is biological evidence for gay mean and for people with gender disorders. So that's how I feel about it.

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    I feel that its none of my business what other people do or feel as long as nobody gets hurt. Last time i checked nobody has had anything but their feelings hurt and most people can deal with that. Also humanity has been "using their minds to further a cause their natural bodies cannot provide" forever. we fly,drive, blow up any one who goes against popular opinion all these things and more come from using our minds to do things our bodies cant. Let people do what makes them happy.

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    Whoa, we are living in perilous times!

    Since we don't know who they are, I say we make them wear a distinguishing mark on their clothes... you know, so everyone can tell.

    Then we can round them together and put them in place far away from our showers... ok, ok I think I'm getting somewhere with this...

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    Replace HOMOSEXUAL with MAN or MEN and I agree. Men are the destroyers of EVERY society. They rape, murder, beat, rob, steal, and then use the Church to justify.

    I say get rid of all men, keeping only a few for breeding until we can reprogram you all!!!!!!

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