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Is Leukemia a genetic disorder?

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    You have asked 5 questions about leukemia in the last 21 hours.

    Look it up.

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    Cancer is caused by poor nutrition (including oxygen) and stressors. Stressors can be environmental, like heavy metals, food additives or pollution, or emotional or job stress.

    Our bodies have 60 trillion--yes, trillion--cells, and there are always some mutating into cancer cells, but a healthy immune system kills them before they have a chance to get a foothold in the body.

    It takes a LONG time, usually, or an exrtaordinary amount of stressors, to degrade the immune system to the point where it won't do its job, but once cancer has formed, it can spread rapidly.

    THIS IS IMPORTANT! There are ways to BEAT cancer that the AMA is keeping from the American public, that are being used in Europe and around the world. Here is some information that is getting hard to find--"The Cure for All Cancers", ISBN 0963632825; "A Cancer Therapy", ISBN 0882681052; "Hydrogen Peroxide--Medical Miracle", ISBN 1885236077; "The Natural Cure for Cancer--Germanium", ISBN 0533071410; and "Killing Cancer", ISBN 0705000966.

    Type 'used books' into your browser and find a good site, then type in the ISBN numbers and get some great help cheap.

    I know of people whose cancer has 'spontaneously remitted' (WENT AWAY for no known reason) after they went on a program of herbs and nutrition.

    The American Medical Association and the pharmaceutical companies control medical law in this country, and they are in it for the money, and don't care about individuals. You and your family must look out for yourselves to stand a chance of being healthy.

    This is not a joke. Look into it. Best of luck

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    Not usually. It is rare to get it genetically.

    But come causes include:

    chemotherapy treatment, being exposed to large amounts of radiation or some chemicals in the workplace, and smoking and tobacco use.

    The mutation may occur spontaneously or as a result of exposure to radiation or carcinogenic substances and are likely to be influenced by genetic factors.

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    yes it can be transferred by generation

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