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How do you think people differ now then from 50 years ago? and how do you think they will differ 50 years from

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    Today's are far better educated to their government's lies.

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    Fifty years is not that long ago, but enormous changes have occurred in that period. People are generally more relaxed (in attitude, in dress, in the way they live), and also much more technologically advanced. Fifty years ago there was no Internet, no cell phones, no fax machines, and probably only three channels on most television sets. I can't remember when PBS came into being, but that was a real breakthrough and brought television programming to a whole new level. Just imagine where we may be 50 years from today!

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    Most are 50 years older. I know I am.

    50 year from now I will be worm food.

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    People today are way more socially acceptable of other cultures and races. They are also more open when it comes to expressing themselves and their individuality. Who knows what will happen 50 yrs from now....hopefully we will become more racially tolerant of one another.

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