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not sure what to do, but?

I need a ride at 7AM to a place about 10 minutes away....could I take a taxi? Ive never taken one so I dont know much about much would it cost?

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    It depends on where you live and the taxi service. The best way to check is to actually call and ask. You can call 411 or look up yellow pages on yahoo for different taxi services. When you call them ask them how much would it cost to from here to there. They can tell you. Also, you are going only ten mintues away I would live a $2 tip.

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    It's about $1.20 a mile. That here in North Carolina. It should cost you about $15.00 for one way. Best thing to do, is call a cab company and get their rates. And also ask for a flat rate as well.

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    10 minutes hwy - $20-$30

    10 minutes city streets- $10-$15

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    10 minutes is a half mile walk

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    It depends on where you live. City and state, please?

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