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Democrats want to take our country in a "new direction." The current administration has taken the war on..

terror to the enemy where HE lives, repeat, where HE, the enemy lives. The fight is half way around the world on foreign soil. Does the "new direction" the Democrats promise entail a cut and run policy to bring the troops home? Do they want the troops home so that they can fight the enemy when they attacks us again on our own soil?

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    Yes, the democrats want to bring it back home. They are afraid that things will start getting better over there and that would likely lead to the Republicans getting more votes. God Bless the troops.

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    If their new direction is only slightly different than the one Bush is headed in it may be OK. I keep hearing from the Dems that cut and run is not an option and I hope they will stick to that. They may talk about pullouts but they would not try an instant evacuation I don't think. If they would I hope like hell the Republicans win the presidential race.

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    Yes the new direction is to take the war away from their home and bring it to our home. As long as we keep it over there and finish the job, I'm happy.

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    Yes, it appears so.

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