do you know any new proxy sites?

okay here is the deal myspace is blocked at my school and all of the proxy sites i know of that you use to get to it are also blocked. i get on myspace after school in my mom's classroom so it's not like i dont pay attention in school. i dont have any other time to get on it because i dont have internet at my house and it's starting to frustrate me that i cant get on it!!!

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    well so far works but it's my school my art teacher always gets on myspace so maybe you can get under your mom's name. what ones have you tried?

  • 1 decade ago provides a fast, free and reliable Myspace proxy which enables you to access blocked websites such as Myspace from school and work.

    The proxy is anonymous which means it will hide all of your personal information as well as your IP address.

    As well as Myspace, this proxy will also unblock Bebo, Friendster, YouTube, Ebay and many other websites which are usually filtered by your school or company.

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    All proxies are a similar. they are based on a similar antiquated technologies. None will paintings because of the fact the internet filters comprehend all approximately them and their weaknesses. the internet filtering application has made proxies out of date.

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    I don't know, but I'll chime in that you should ignore nene's answer. He's not saying anything that's useful to you (that is, nothing about proxies) and I think he may be trying to hit on you, since he asked you to send him your photo and address and said that he'd like to get to know you.

    Since your mom's a teacher, it might be worth trying to get on using her network login. But don't be surprised or mad if she says "no," OK? As a teacher, she's in a position to get into a heap of trouble (as in, possibly FIRED) over misuse of computers, so she might not want to go there.

    Source(s): Computer geek, teacher's kid, AND Spanish speaker
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    lo que tienes que hacer es verificar la ip del servidor checalo desde un os y verifica que la red este arriba mandame tu foto y tu correo quieo conocerte

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    its a felony if you do it to get around a filter.

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    i use kproxy .... its <<< type that in address

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