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I hate this one neighbor of mine. She is a part of a group of college kids that live next door. I think one time she keyed my car. I called the police but they want proof that i can't provide. I've been living with my parents for as long as I've lived. I'm of age to were I can get my own place but I can't afford it right now considering i'm still studying and don't have a full time job. my brother also stays with us. Anyway, what should I do? i feel like getting her back or moving out. I've wanted to move out of my house ever since one to two years ago, but considering my financial circumstances, that's not possible at all right now unless I get a job. So how should I go about this? I dont own the house. I can also report the college kids because they said they don't allow these houses to be turned into dorms.


oh, I forgot to add that she also has a car and that's how I could get her back, and I meant to spell "where" not 'were".

Update 2:

oh and the reason I hate her is because she is a snob. They always party loud and disturb other neighbors and bang on my walls at times (since we are connected).

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    1. I would report her to the Home Owners Assoc. if that is who is to be reported to on other homes being used Dorm type house. Or whomever you report it too

    2. I would get together with the other neighbors whom are bothered by this and next (EVERY) loud party or such, have more than just you report it to the police.

    I would also have the neighbors complain about dorm usuage as well. The more complaints filed by different neighbors, the stronger case you'll have if she damages any other property and better success in getting them OUT!

    DO NOT retailiate back in any other way.

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    If she/they won't listen to reason, next time they have a party, call the police. If you know the landlord, send him a letter telling what these people have done to make your living there uncomfortable.

    Check with the court house under real estate law (I think) to see what the regulations are for the number of people allowed to share a house for rent.

    One question: If this is just bothering you and not your parents or brother, why don't you try to sit down with your parents and let them know how you feel. Maybe there is a solution the four of you can come up with that will not get your family in trouble and make everything more peaceful.

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    Find out the zoning code for the house. Zoning codes usually state how many people are allowed to live in the house to prevent that exact situation. If there are more people living there than the zoning code allows, report it to your local code enforcement office. That is completely legal. Look in property records and find the owner of the home. If possible, contact them or the agency that is renting the house on their behalf and let them know the tenants are loud and there are more of them than should be in that house, which is a zoning infraction. Property records are public information and should be in the county, town or state website, depending where you live.

    As tempting as it is, don't do anything personal, such as key her car. It will only come back to haunt you and make you look bad.

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    Hi -

    I'm sorry to hear about your situation, but it will get better. Don't be in a rush to take on big responsibilities if you are not ready yet. Concentrate on your studies and talk to your parents about this. See what their take on it is, at least just to vent. I wouldn't suggest taking revenge on her, considering you said that you can't prove it. I know its tough, I live in an apartment once and had the neighbor from hell. She lived upstairs and she would stomp around like a dinosaur.

    When her parties get a little loud, give your friendly, local police a call. Good luck and stay happy!

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    Well, someone like that will eventually get what is coming to them. Unfortunately, that takes time. Make sure you document all of the things she's doing as well as when it took place. If they are having a lot of parties and making a lot of noise, call the police right away. And if they aren't supposed to live there as college students then contact their landlord and let them no. Also, let their landlord know the problems you are having with them. I believe the landlord has to make record of complaints like that, which will go against her if she wants to rent somewhere else in the future.

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    You are letting your neighbor get under your skin. You need to ignore your neighbor, and focus all of your energy on bettering your life so you won't need to worry about that neighbor anymore.

    Treat this as an opportunity to practice self-restraint, which will make you a better person than your neighbor in the end.

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    It sounds like you either have to live with it or play rough. Give them a taste of their own medicine and play your music loud.

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    that Gerry Mander has it all wrong. You cant let people walk all over you. It bothers me so bad when somebody is getting messed with and they dont do anything about it. I think what you need to do is confront her and be assertive about it.

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