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i have a gba pokemon mystery dungeon i beat the birds snow,fiereletric and gone to ninetails what do i do?




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    First, go do the wobbufet Mission on the town board labeled "punish bad Mankey" after that...

    Just wait around and do missions until you wake up in the game to an earthquake. After this the pokemon assemble a team of Pokemon to go help Alakazam... But the pokemon won't allow you to go with the team because you are amateurs and the pokemon on the team are almost as strong as team ACT. After that keep doing missions until you once again wake up to an earthquake. After that you go to pokemon square, your partner makes a speech to get the other pokemon to come and help team ACT. But it will basically be you doing all the work anyways because everybody else is a bunch of weaklings who can't even get past the first few levels. So go to Magma Cavern and beat it (you're screwed if you don't have a water pokemon or if you aren't at least level 25, trust me, I started my game over just so i could get past this thing) The level is 25 steps long (24 to the savepoint, then one more to get to a cinematic step, then one more to fight groudon). After you beat groudon (once again, without a water pokemon, you're screwed) then it becomes pretty self explanatory.

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