where is the wLAN switch on a psp?

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    1 decade ago
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    okay, do you see the power switch?

    on the right side

    now look on the left side

    by the memery stick duo slot

    on the side with the analog stick closest

    okay that is the WLAN switch

    turn it on

    and well now you can go on the internet and play multiplayer games and more!

    you also need to make a new connection to use all that stuff

    once you turn it on

    and lets say you want to use the internet browser.

    it will say

    [New Connection]

    click on that if you dont already have a connection.

    you will need a cable modem connected to a wireless router

    the router will give off a signal thingy to your psp

    okay once you have all that

    or if someone nextdoor to you has this stuff then your all good

    click [new connection]

    now follow these steps:

    1. name your connection.then to move on press the right arrow button on your psp

    2.it will give you 3 choices i recomend you click scan

    it will give you a list of connections around you

    if you have one at home and you are at your house

    it will be the strongest connection (you can tell which one is strongest by the percent next to the connection name)

    but if you dont have one at home then click the strongest connection if you dont have one at home and your going to use someone elses make sure next to the connection says none

    if it says WEP

    you most likely cant use it unless you know the password

    okay moving on

    3.after you pick your connection your pretty much finished with all that just go ahead and click the right arrow untill it says Push X to save these settings

    im sure you know what to do from there

    i wish you luck

  • 1 decade ago

    the WLAN switch is on the bottom left side of your psp

  • 4 years ago

    there's a swap that you slide on/off on the area of the psp. Left area i imagine. that is your wlan swap and it ought to be on earlier you'll get entry to the internet or play with different psps

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    On the bottom left, near your pinky side.

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