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My three year old, Beagle has two sliped disk in her back?

She has been through one course of Cortizone and was off of it about 3 days when the pain returned. I got another course of it last night and started her on it. She seems much better today. My question is what are my options for her if this doesn't work when she gets done with it? The pain must be terrific, she didn't sleep much if all last night and I know I didn't. She is a wonderful dog and I hate to have to put her down but she can't go thru life in pain like that. I am pulling my hair out and I was almost bald to begin with. Can somebody please advise?

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    Is surgery an option for you? I know it can be costly, but if your dog is healthy enough for it and your financially able to afford it, it can have some amazing results. Do they have her on any pain medication other than steroids? I would recommend Tramadol or Rimadyl. If the pain is severe debilitating you could ask your vet to place a Fentanyl Patch on her, this is a morphine derivative that is applied to the skin and lasts 72 hours. I would also recommend getting a referall to a neurologist (check with your local veterinary specialty hospital) as they could best explain all your options to you. If your near a veterinary teaching hospital, the price of surgery there may be less. Lastly its important that dogs with back problems are not overweight, so if she is start her on a diet immediately.

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    Dogs do much better with steroids than people do. People begin to suffer bone loss in less than two weeks, and dogs do not... Stay with the cortizone, dexamethazone, or whatever he give you.... Rimidyl is also a pretty good pain killer... just play it one day at a time.

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    OHH, how sad, my husband and I love beagles. We buy a bealge calander every year. (we have a cat, but we may get a beagle soon). Anyway, I am so sorry, I'd go with the vet's advice. I wish they could do something, stronger pain meds. surgery. (I know the surgery would be expensive though)

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    Animal ciroprator they worked wonders on my friends horses and most do dogs as well look around maybe a human ciro. does pets to. i see a ciro for my slipped/ bulging disk and he is the only thing that makes my pain go away. its abetter way then surgry

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    have you talked to your vet about spinal fusions and if that could be the thing to do. and see if the cost can be lower to assist your income. some vets have done that and it was okay. but they[dog] still had some pain but not that you would be pulling your hair out. the pet usually do fine. but that operation can be expensive.

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    if you have pet insurance they can do allot for dogs now but, it will cost.

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